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  • The CRIT Awards

    Creator Recognition in TTRPG Awards

    Our mission is to celebrate and recognize the contributions and achievements of our community in a way that is inclusive, diverse, and represents the values of our community.

    By shining a light on the talent, creativity, and hard work of our community members, we aim to inspire others to reach their full potential and make a positive impact on TTRPGs and beyond!

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    Welcome to the CRIT Awards!



    2024 Voting is now



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    Click here for our 2024 Finalists: READ ONLY 




    Voting FAQ


    Q. How does voting work?


    A. Voting will occur in 2 stages.


    Primary voting will go live on April 1st and will close May 31st.

    This is where the community nominates peers for the awards categories that have been announced.


    Secondary voting will go live on June 7th and will close on July 7th.

    The community will be allowed to vote for nominees that have accepted their nominations.


    All voting will be closed by July 7th, and the awards will be unveiled at the ceremony at GenCon in August 2024.

    A version of the awards show will be live-streamed at the same time.


    Q. How do nominations work?


    A. Primary voting will go live on April 1st and will close May 31st. This is the stage where the community can nominate peers for awards. After primary voting closes, the board will validate the nominations, disqualifying any ineligible nominations.

    Who is eligible to be nominated?


    The CRIT Awards strives to center the community when considering those eligible for the awards. As such, nominations are open to the whole of the TTRPG community, with some restrictions. Each award category has a thorough description detailing the criteria for qualification and ineligibilities.


    Our board members and projects run primarily by our board members are ineligible for nomination.


    Members of our staff are eligible for group awards with stipulations:

    A production with a majority of CRIT Award staff is NOT eligible for Actual Play categories.


    Our sponsors CAN be eligible for nomination, even if they are donating to or sponsoring the event (Example: Dice Makers, Artists, etc)!

    As we are a community-based event with the overarching goal to highlight community and uplift our community members, small creators and independent businesses who are providing awards to the show may still do so for categories they themselves are NOT nominated in.


    Also, while we love our large-scale and union productions like Dimension 20 or Critical Role, we ask that you prioritize your peers and community members in your nominations. Such productions are not eligible for a selection of the awards and are noted as such in the descriptions of each award category.


    Nominations utilizing AI-generated art or writing will not be eligible for consideration.


    Q. What if someone doesn’t want to be nominated?


    Validated nominees will be informed via email BEFORE secondary voting goes live on June 7th. If a nominee does NOT confirm their intention to accept their nomination, we will assume it has been declined.

    If a nominee decides to pull their nomination AFTER they have accepted, they may do so up to July 7th, the closing date of the secondary voting round.


    After the last round of voting closes, we will be unable to accommodate any updates to the nominations before announcing winners.


    If a nominee has declined in a previous year, they ARE still eligible for nominations in future years.



    Q. How does the CRIT Awards feel about AI?


    The CRIT Awards does NOT support the use of generative AI in any capacity. Nominations utilizing AI-generated art or writing will not be eligible for consideration.


    We ask if you have any concerns,or questions, please contact us at CRITAwards@gmail.com, with a relevant subject line.


    The CRIT Awards was founded in 2023, with a vision to bring recognition to the creators across all aspects of the TTRPG Community, from storytellers, to artists, to players!


    The CRIT Awards operates on a peer-driven voting system, where members of the community have the opportunity to nominate and vote for their favorite contributions and achievements in the field!


    We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all participants.

    Any form of discrimination, including but not limited to; homophobia, racism, harassment of any sort, or toxic behavior, is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated in any capacity.

    We believe in treating each other with respect, kindness, and understanding, and we expect all participants to uphold these values while attending our event.

    Anyone who engages in such behavior will be immediately addressed and may be subject to removal from the current and future events.

    Our goal is to create an uplifting community where everyone feels valued, welcomed, and free to be themselves.


    The CRIT Awards operates under Critical Chaos Entertainment, LLC.


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